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Dash delivering quick, accurate results to race organizer's website

Business problem: "People expect fast and accurate results that normally require a lot of manpower and cumbersome equipment," says Targa NZ CEO Peter Martin. "As we run up to five closed stages at any one time, a robust relatively simple system is essential. User-friendliness is also important as we race in remote areas, in all sorts of weather conditions and the people using the Dash equipment are volunteers."


Motor sport event organisers Targa NZ chose TVD Dash because it worked with its existing radio network and TVD's support and service made the transition easy and cost-effective.

"We often have problems that we think might present a difficult challenge to TVD, but they always step up - often outside their comfort-zone - using all they have to solve our problems." Peter Martin, Targa NZ

Problem solved
TVD has developed Targa NZ's competitor, operations and results-management system. This uses special GPS time-synched hardware in the field, linked via the trunked radio network to capture competitor start and finish times and relay those to a web-based application that displays the results, allowing them to apply penalties, adjust times, post the results and automatically text them to the competitors in real-time, within 60 seconds of a vehicle finishing. Within 60 minutes of the last car finishing a stage, the final results are published on the Targa website. In 2008 the Targa event will begin using Dash to track its high-performance cars for compliance with new NZ motor sport regulations. "Dash is stable and accurate, requires less manpower, works seamlessly with existing Targa systems and delivers quick and accurate results to our public website," says Targa NZ CEO, Peter Martin.

About  Targa NZ
Inspired by the original Targa Florio, New Zealand entrepreneur Mike John dreamed of a Targa-style event in New Zealand. There were many obstacles to be surmounted but Mike John and a loyal band of enthusiasts brought that dream to reality with the inaugural Targa New Zealand in 1995. The event was an instant success, hailed by the specialist motoring press as "the stuff that legends are made of", and Targa NZ set new standards for all future motor sport events. Mike and Sue John recently sold Targa NZ to Peter and Vicki Martin.

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