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Dash is....

Dash is a suite of software and hardware products that allows the user to intelligently deal with a broad range of fleet management and related business operations issues. Dash is designed to solve real world issues in a simple and logical manner.

Case Study - Mike JohnDash is operational intelligence

The core elements of Dash consist of:

 -Dash vehicle data logger (VDL), installed in the vehicle for collecting data and updated over air.
 -Wireless connectivity to the Dash application service provider (ASP). Dash ASP collects the data from the Dash VDL and makes it available to users.
 -Dash is a SaaS (software as a service) product.  You access the data as information displayed on maps, reports and alerts via your internet browser.
 -Alternatively, you have the option of installing a server on your premises and accessing the service across your intranet.

Dash is much more than basic AVL:

If can you measure it, you can manage it; if you manage it, you can improve it.

We support the network that provides the most cost-effective solution for you. The Dash VDL can operate with various networks, including TMR, GPRS, CDMA, Iden and Satellite. This flexibility allows us to design the most cost-effective solution for your business and location. The requirements of a rural business are significantly different from those of an urban one, and so are the type and extent of the networks you will be accessing.

You can manage what you measure. A typical Dash set up includes basic AVL features such as GPS, ignition on/off and driver login. But Dash can also be set up to collect, manage and report a broad range of business activities and functions. Our clients currently use Dash for scheduling, vehicle and personal security, load measurement with real-time reporting, environmental monitoring with real-time reporting and for engine and driver performance.

Information that can go both ways. We can forward information and instructions to a variety of in-vehicle devices in addition to the VDL - MDTs, PDAs, Garmin Nuvi and Street Pilot units and laptops. We are able to integrate Dash into an existing dispatch and operations management package you have, or we can provide our own dispatch and operations management solutions. These range from basic messaging options to complex resource-allocation decision-making within an operations management environment.

Gaining efficiency means saving money. Whether it's staff time, fuel, customer satisfaction, material usage, or any other operational input, it's all money. You are the best judge of the information you need to make improvements to your business. We have experience with many types of fleet and operational management problems. We can show you how to get the information you need and estimate the benefits to you; Dash is all you need for a complete solution.

A green solution. Dash is the product for a world increasingly concerned about higher-cost resources and carbon emissions. Choosing it means you will be doing more, while consuming less - less fossil fuel, fewer vehicles for your service levels and less time employed for every dollar of revenue generated. Greater efficiencies and profit while you lessen your impact on the planet!

To make sure we do our share, we're committed to the following green principles:
-Ensuring our suppliers adopt best practice methods in the manufacture and supply of our products.
-A take-back program for all our products at the end of life. Please contact us to arrange the return of products that you no longer require.

Returned products will be managed by us in one of the following ways:



The product will be refurbished and restored to a warrantable state. You may reinstall the refurbished product on payment of our refurbished product activation fee, or it will be supplied to an alternative customer on payment of the refurbished product activation fee. This fee will be published by us from time to time. 
-The product will be disassembled and recycled in accordance with best practice available to TVD at the time.

Our goal is to entirely eliminate dumping of our products.
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