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Dash Elements

The following provides details on the product components which you'll use in your Dash solution.

All Dash products are designed and created by TVD. This includes our software user interface, our VDL hardware and the firmware that resides on our hardware.  This provides us with ultimate control over product development, support, and customisations. You will benefit from the knowledge that we are committed to our products. You are not exposed to a change in development activity or product discontinuance from overseas mass produced electronics suppliers.

Our VDL hardware is specially designed to allow for over-air configuration changes and firmware updates.  This will reduce the costs of managing changes and updates post installation in vehicles.

We know a picture speaks a thousand words, so click here for sample in-vehicle hardware configurations.

Online Software
Dash is a SaaS (software as a service) product.

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VDL Inside
The VDL Inside is specifically designed for installation inside the Tait TM82xx, TM81xx, TM91xx radios.

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The VDL GPRS and CDMA untits are designed to operate on GPRS and CDMA networks respectively.

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The VDL ZCD is a tried and proven performer and the genesis of all succeeding VDL xxx units.

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CAN+ modules
CAN+ modules allow customers to expand the input/output capabilities of the VDL units.

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Sample hardware configurations
The following diagrams provide some examples of different VDL and CAN+ configurations with different radio’s and input/output . These are examples only and any number of permutations can be achieved for a specific purpose.

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