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Business Benefits

Track ALL your vehicles and measure what they do, ALL the time and at every step.
Take a look at the many business benefits that can be gained by using Dash.
 - GPS with automated vehicle loggers: know exactly where your rigs are.
 -Mapping: fast, clear detail of your region showing every vehicle. See everything and everyone and feel the power!
 -Mobile communications: we offer various real time options, including TMR, CDMA and GPRS.
 -Dispatch and jobs tracking: from service-request to work order, track every step.
 -Web-based reporting: full spectrum of simple, concise and powerful reports.
 -Measurement: what can be measured can be improved.
 -Decrease costs: overtime, fuel, wear and tear, wasted time.
 -Other monitoring available: panic button, ID, environmental sensors, etc.

   Features:  Benefits:
 - GPS-AVL automated vehicle location - Increased safety of drivers and vehicles
 - On-Board VDL (vehicle data logger) - Decrease overtime
 - Event-based notification system - Reduce operating costs
 - High resolution maps for all your regions - Decrease fuel usage
 - Geo-fencing specific to each vehicle or group - Reduced vehicle wear and tear
 - Custom configuration for each vehicle - Increased work production
 - Job tracking for dispatchers
 - Get more jobs done per vehicle
 - Two-way, text-based communication - Communication channel open to drivers
 - Integrated wireless technology - Send the truck closest to the customer
 - Seamless data integration with other applications - Quicker response times
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